You’re a Supermom

I shared the following thoughts this morning, with a moms group I co-lead. They’ve been brewing in my head for about a week now, and I thought you might find encouragement in them too.

A few weeks ago I started noticing the posture people have. Random, huh? I found myself thinking about how graceful and beautiful good posture made a woman look, and then I found myself jealous of it. I’ve never thought of myself as having good posture, and can still hear my mom telling me to roll my shoulders back and not hunch (hi, Mom!)! I found myself rather envious of the women I saw with good posture! (Again, random, I know.)

This winter, my family moved into the year 2008 and finally acquired a Wii Fit Plus board and game. I recently set myself up on the game, and what a treat that was! The thing groans when you step onto it (because it doubles as a scale, you know), the trainer knows when you’re slacking off and yells at you (“Hey! These muscles aren’t going to train themselves!”), and all kinds of other delightful things.

One thing I’ve really loved doing in the last 10 days or so is the yoga on the Wii Fit. The balance board measures your center of balance, weight distribution on legs/hands/etc, and helps correct you. Awesome for a yoga novice like myself! And do you know what I really love about it? The encouragement I’ve received from my “trainer” (aka, computer guy who also scolds me sometimes).

Remember that posture jealousy you read about a few paragraphs back? Well, midway through my first yoga routine, my trainer said “you’ve got great posture!”. Say what?! And then, a few poses later, he told me my balance was great, and followed that with another posture compliment! Fast forward a few yoga sessions later (mixed in with some more strenuous workouts), and I found myself standing a little taller and prouder.

So I started mulling over how odd it was that all I needed to stand a little straighter, was to have a computer character tell me how great my posture was, and a thought hit me…

People call me “supermom”, or some version of it, all the time. I don’t feel like a super mom, and sometimes I feel like a downright bad mom. I yell at my kids sometimes, my patience runs out at 10am some days, I’m the woman frantically cleaning up the kitchen at 5:15pm because Nick will be home soon and I need to make it look like I’ve done something useful, and on and on. Life is average here, nothing “super” about it.

But here’s the thing – hearing “You’re supermom!”, “I don’t know how you do it”, or “You amaze me!” is sometimes just the thing I need to hear, to give me the push to try something crazy with my kids (like loading the four of them up for a 12:30pm trip to Target, despite the fact that Lily should be going down for her nap any minute and none of them have had lunch yet)!

I’ve noticed that the more I hear about how great of a mom I am, the more I feel like a good mom! I tell myself “You’ve got this, Helen! You’re a supermom!” and feel ready to take on the mob.

We all struggle with the day to day of motherhood. It can be a brutal profession at times (especially if poo is involved), and sometimes we worry we’re really messing up our kids. Let me tell you something…. You are an amazing mom!

When is the last time you told another mom what an awesome job she was doing? When is the last time it was said to you? Truth be told, none of us hear it or say it often enough.

I have a challenge for you – sometime in the next week, tell a mom how amazing she is. If there’s a mom you’ve been admiring for a while, for her strength, grace, patience or even her sense of style, tell her! If you pass a mom with a wailing toddler on the floor of the grocery store, don’t just smile as you walk by because you’ve been there, done that. That mom doesn’t know that – she just thinks you’re getting a kick out of her unfortunate and embarrassing situation. Tell her she’s doing a good job, and she will get through this and see better days. Tell her she’s a supermom and that she can handle this! 

And in case someone doesn’t tell you in the next few days….

You are an amazing mom! Your kids are blessed to have you in their life. They’re blessed to have the example you give them, your never ending love, and your guidance in their life. You are doing a fabulous job, mom, and you can do anything (even take your kids to the Post Office, 5 days before Christmas when the line is out the door and people are cranky because of it)!

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  • Sara

    I LOVE this! It is so true, just when I was feeling completely forgetful, my house is a wreck and I’m wearing clothes out of baskets on the floor I had someone tell me they loved how creative I was and how I made messes and did projects with my kids and they wished they were more creative it made me feel so good and not stress about everything else and definitely made me want to compliment other Mom’s, you are Awesome, thank you for posting this!ReplyCancel

  • Kelsey Huber

    You are absolutely right! Thanks for sharing these thoughts. We all have supermom strengths, just in different areas. We need to stop beating ourselves down for what we’re not and boosting ourselves up for what we are! I remember a quote that resonated with me “We always compare our worst to others’ best”. Of course we will look bad with that attitude. Yay for all moms. It’s a hard and sometimes thankless job, but what a wonderful opportunity to impact other’s lives. Moms ROCK!!ReplyCancel

  • Angela

    Thanks for posting this. I actually read it the other day when I was feeling really down (my 1 year old had diarrhea!)and it made me cry. I don’t know any other moms my age and all of my family lives two hours away, so I don’t get praise very often!

    Anyway, thanks!ReplyCancel

  • That makes me cry, Angela! I hope you find some new mom friends soon! The praise is worthy – you’re awesome, and I bet your family thinks so (even if they don’t say it enough)!ReplyCancel