Your Questions Answered pt 2

Time for more questions and answers!

The following questions also came from Brenda…

What are some of the nicknames everyone has for Miss Lily?

Let’s see… the boys tend to rotate calling her Baby Lily and Baby Sister. It’s rare to hear them call her just “Lily”. Nick calls her Shmilly and Shmills a lot. I call her Baby Girl (probably because she was nameless until she was a couple of days old!), Lily Pie and Princess every so often. Baby Girl is the big one I’m guilty of using though. Well, that and using her first and middle name.

What nicknames did the boys have at that age? Did any of them stick?

Oh the boys had a ton of nicknames, most of them courtesy of Nick! I even wrote a blog post about them, but it was on my very first blog site and hasn’t been transferred to this one yet. Some of them, like T-Dog (Tyler), J-Man (Jackson) and Chasey have all stuff. And some, like Orange Digger (Chase) have not… for obvious reasons. LOL!

Do you feel “pressure” to blog everyday?

Not really. I enjoy it! There are time I actually let a day slide, but I’m such a terrible procrastinator in other areas of my life that I know if I don’t commit to blogging M-F than I’ll eventually stop blogging altogether and I don’t want that. I love the record this is keeping!

Why doesn’t Nick ever comment on your blogs?

The better question is, Why doesn’t Nick ever read my blog? 😉

How do you feel when people post negative comments/push their agenda on your blog?

It bums me out at first, because it hurts to have people attack you. However, it doesn’t take long for me to shrug and say “whatever”. It’s my blog, therefore I share my feelings. If you disagree that much, you really don’t need to read it.

Do you prefer when people leave comments on your blog? Respond to blog posts on facebook? Or email you directly?

I prefer when people respond on the blog, because those comments stick around. Comments left on Facebook are nice, but once they disappear from my newsfeed that’s that. It’s a pain to go back and look something up that was posted only a week earlier, let alone 3 years earlier! E-mail is fun sometimes too, but again I prefer the blog generally because what if someone else had the same thought or question as you? My response might be helpful to them as well!

Charlotte asked…

If someone offered to send all of you off to another country for a two week vacation, where would you go and why?

Such a fun questions, Charlotte! If I was picking a spot for just Nick and me to visit I could list several countries right away, but thinking of a place we could take the family was a lot tougher. Part of me says a place that speaks English or has a lot of English speaking people would be ideal, because the added stress of a language barrier would make traveling with young kids that much harder. And how much jet lag do we want to deal with? I finally decided kids don’t rest much when traveling anyway, so why bother considering jet lag and let’s go to Australia! I’ve always wanted to visit “down under” and I feel like there would be so many cool places to visit with the kids.

Andrea asked the following two questions…

Does it bother you when you get or overhear comments about having triplets when your out and about?

Nah. If I let it bother me I would be one unhappy lady when out in pubic. Besides, I figure the time will come that the boys will walk so far ahead of or behind me that no one will know they’re mine, so I better enjoy the questions and being able to gush about my kids while I can! The only time it has ever bothered me is when people are trying to talk to me about it while a child or two is throwing a tantrum and I am clearly trying to deal with them.

What is YOUR favorite food?

Ooohhh… I have a massive sweet tooth. I love anything chocolate – especially dark chocolate. Nick is always amazed at my ability (and desire) to eat ice cream even when it’s frigid outside too. For actually food though, I’d have to say I’m always drawn to a good sandwich. Weird huh? I came to this conclusion when it dawned on me that when eating out I almost always end up ordering from the sandwich or burger menu.

Mary asked the following…

Since I have lived in the Boston area all my life, and my husband is from NH/VT, I would be to chicken to move so far away from family, although my brother moved to Colorado, and has called it home for over 20 years…Do you think you will ever move back East? Beside family, what do you & Nick miss most about living in New England? Food? Ocean? The drive from MA to Maine to VT? Sports?

I don’t know how I came across your blog, but one of the first pictures I saw of your boys they were wearing onsies, and they all had a different New England sport logo, one was wearing a Bruins, Celtic & Red Sox or maybe Patriot. I have been silent follower ever since!

First of all, thank you for finally de-lurking! You’ve been reading a long time if that was one of the first pictures you saw of the boys. I think that was first posted nearly 4 years ago!

It is tough being so far away from family. I used to say I wanted to be back east by the time our boys were in Kindergarten, but honestly, we are so incredibly happy here in Kansas City that I don’t say that anymore. It would be nice to be near family again, especially considering we don’t see my brother and his family or Nick’s family very often, but I honestly don’t know when that will happen.

I miss the ocean terribly and when I see family and friends posting that they’re having lobster for dinner yet again I find myself rather jealous! Nick misses maple syrup. I’m not sure what else he would say he misses! I definitely miss watching the Red Sox – I feel so out of touch with what’s going on with the team now because we aren’t in New England and we don’t have cable (so no ESPN games). Nick has never really loved any of the NE sports teams, so that hasn’t affected him much.

That was fun! Thanks for asking such great questions everyone! As your reward (and patience), here are two pictures I snapped of Lily right after her bath time yesterday morning.

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  • I too love dark chocolate, and eating ice cream, even if it’s cold outside. I’ve been known to become mad when the ice cream shop closed due to snow, because I wanted to go get ice cream! 🙂ReplyCancel

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    Awww, “schmilly” has filled out a little! Chunky babies are so adorable <3ReplyCancel

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