Your Burning Questions Answered

You all asked some fun and creative questions this time around!

Charlotte asked the following:
When, if ever, do you think you will stop blogging about the boys? Do you think they’ll ever want you to stop? (I hope the answer is no!) Hmmm…. That’s something I haven’t thought about! I imagine when they get into school my blogging will slow (but not stop). I mean, right now I have a little show happening in my living room every day and if that show is in school for the bulk of the day there goes the bulk of my “material”. I bet if I was still posting pictures of feces and them wearing my sports bra when they’re in middle school they would ask me to stop blogging, so I’ll just have to censor myself a bit 😉

How do you imagine the boys to be in 15 years or so? Honestly, I imagine them to be a lot like their Uncle Isaac is right now. He’s 18 (almost 19) and is one of the most respectful, funny and helpful young men out there. He’s like a mini-Nick. I hope that because the boys have such an awesome example in Nick that they’ll follow in his footsteps. I think the boys will be huge into sports, the only question is which one (and I know Nick is hoping for basketball). 

What is your earliest childhood memory? I have fleeting little memories from the first house I lived in. We only lived in that house until I was 3 and a half or so, so they’re fairly early memories. I remember things like my mom putting peanut butter in my hair to try to get gum out of it, I remember playing Red Light Green Light in our living room at my birthday party, I remember the house behind ours had a fire in it and watching them throw stuff out the upstairs window during the clean up after the fire and I remember it hailing once and my dad running outside to scoop some up to put in our cups of soda at dinner (it was pizza night)! 

Mackenzine asked the following:
What (if any) were going to be their names if they were girls? We never actually thought of girl names! We knew from that very first ultrasound (12 weeks) that there was a good chance they were all boys and then at 17 or 18 weeks that was confirmed.
If no names what girl names do you like? You know, I’ve never actually thought about it! I’d have to say I’d probably want to lean towards more “classic” names. Even though I have a lot of friends with these names, I love names like Rachel, Sarah, Katie, Jennifer, etc. Who knows what Nick would pick though – he had some interesting ideas for the boys! LOL!

 kdliberty asked the following:
Do you think you will ever have any more children? Ahh, the loaded question! I hope that we will. Whether it’s through another pregnancy or through adoption (something we’ve always talked about wanting to do), I hope that we add a 4th member to our family.

 Brenda asked the following:
If you could sit down and “interview” anyone famous (living or dead) who would it be? I would love the chance to interview Paul, from the Bible. His New Testament writings have always interested me. I loved his style and would love the chance to talk to him!

How’s the Esty shop going?
Fantastic! I get a nice mix of orders from people I know (family, friends and people I know from the internet) and orders from people I don’t know. I actually just posted some fun new treats for Valentine’s Day!

How far in advance do you write your blogs?
Usually I write them the same morning they post. Every once in a while I’ll write them the night before and schedule them to post the next day.

Do you think you’ll continue blogging 6 days a week “forever”?
I doubt it! As you can see from the first question today, I’m betting that when the boys get into school I’ll back off a bit because I’ll be lacking in material.

What countries (other than Mexico/Canada) do your readers come from?
In the last month I’ve had hits from 36 countries. My top 10 countries (in order of readers) are: 
Germany (114)
Canada (93)
UK (73)
Netherlands (27)
Puerto Rico (20)
France (13)
Australia (10)
Norway (6) and a slew of others tied at 3 visits each. Kinda cool! I have no idea why I have so many German readers. I do have some cousins in the UK right now, so that explains some of that one.

Are you thinking of sending the boys to preschool at some point?
We definitely will, but it likely won’t be until the 2011 school year. The boys won’t get to start kindergarten until 2013, so we don’t want them to do 3 years of pre-school which is why we aren’t going to send them this year.

What has been the most surprising thing about being the Mother of 2 year old identical triplets?
The pleasant surprise of how great they entertain each other! I love watching them play together and they’ve been like that since they were about a year old.

When will we see pictures of the boys playing in the snow in their new boots.
When we get more snow! The boots arrived just as all the snow was (finally) melting away. At this rate, I think you may get to see the boys playing in the mud in their new boots first.

Anonymous asked:
What is a typical day like? The boys usually wake up at 7 or 7:15am and Nick is already up and ready to get the day going for them. I theoretically am allowed to “sleep” until 8:15, but the boys have been quite noisy lately so I often am up shortly after they are. Nick feeds the boys breakfast and usually gets them dressed before he heads out for work. I like to try to find somewhere for us to go in the morning, whether it’s a playdate, story time or a trip to the park (when it’s nice) I feel like it helps the boys nap better and makes the day go by faster.

The boys usually sleep 2-3 hours in the afternoon and that’s when I take the chance to catch up with friends online, do some reading, baking or cleaning (but I don’t clean often). Around 4 or 4:30 I’ll let the boys watch a video (usually Signing Time or Little Einsteins) while I get dinner started. Nick gets home by 5:30 and that’s when chaos sets in. After a wild dinner and some more wild playtime we start our bedtime routine. We make the boys clean up all their toys, then go potty, get into PJs and brush their teeth. If they’ve all done a good job with that we watch 8-10 minutes of a video (either on YouTube or on a DVD). For this part they want all the lights in the house off. I don’t know where they came up with this idea, but it started back in the fall and they love it. Plus it’s kinda fun to all be cuddled up on the couch together. 🙂

After the boys go down around 7:30pm Nick and I get to work cleaning the kitchen up, vacuuming, starting laundry, etc. By about 8:30 we both collapse on the couch. 

 Brossettelewis asked:
You scrapbook, right? Let’s see some pages. I do! I haven’t done much lately, which bums me out. Next month though I have an all day (9am-10pm) crop to go to though, so that will help! Here are a few recent pages I don’t think you all have seen…. (I am a more “simple” scrapbooker. Time is not on my side and I am trying to do 3 books at once!)


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