Yep, More Snow

Is it spring yet? I’ve been getting seed magazines in the mail this week and it’s making me excited to plant a garden. Then I look outside and see more snow falling. Oy! I’m starting to seriously regret not buying the boys boots and snowpants this winter. I’m a little late to that party though – the shelves at Target are empty in those departments.

Lack of proper attire didn’t stop me from dragging the boys outside yesterday afternoon though. We were in a heat wave (woohoo! Temps over 18 degrees!) and the snow was falling, so I just knew I needed to take advantage before the next round of frigid (and I mean frigid) temps set in today.

Last year the boys got to go outside once while it was snowing (pretty much our only “storm” all winter I think), but hadn’t been able to do that yet this year. Considering they don’t remember anything from last winter, it was like a “first” for them yesterday.

 At first they weren’t sure what to think of the falling flakes. L-R Jackson, Tyler & Chase
Then I showed them how to catch the snow on their tongues! They loved that! L-R: Tyler, Chase & Jackson
Down goes Jackson!
Chase & Jackson
Chase & Jackson
Tyler, Chase & Jackson
A very snowy and rosey cheeked Chase
Thanks to the self-timer mode, a picture of Chase, Tyler and me!

Say a little prayer for Chase today! This morning I’ll be braving the roads and taking him to the doctor to have what I believe is a hernia looked at. If there’s any major news to report I’ll update this afternoon. I suspect we’ll just be referred to a specialist though.


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