Worth The Wait

Edited to Add at 1:20pm: Something is wrong with my movie maker software! As soon as I get it fixed I’ll upload this video, but it honestly could be a day or two (hopefully not more). Hope you all are having an awesome Wednesday. This momma is kicking back with a Diet Coke and enjoying the silence of nap time! (And yes, I know the stickers are still on the boys’ sweaters this year…. and no, they don’t typically wear size 3T already. I snagged these on clearance last year though and they only had 3T and 4T left, so I figured (rightly so!) that I could squeeze two seasons out of them by buying them a bit bigger than I needed.)

The Video Clip of the Week will be loaded later today (probably by mid-afternoon), but I promise you it will be worth the wait! It will involve the boys and singing…

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