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Once upon a time, a couple bought a house. The house was what we like to call “move-in ready”, meaning it had clean, off-white carpet, and freshly painted walls. While off-white carpet and beige walls weren’t exactly what this couple had in mind for their first home, move-in ready was what they needed, for the wife was 6 months pregnant with identical triplets.

Fast forward 3.5 years, and the move-in ready carpet has taken a beating. Potty training 3 boys, plus random spills of food and drink has left the carpet in a sad, sad state. On a whim, the husband decides to pull up a corner of carpet and take a peek at what’s underneath… and what to our wondering eyes should appear (sorry – I have Christmas on the brain right now), but hardwood floors that made us shed a tear! (We didn’t really cry – I just had to rhyme with “appear”.)

So about 6 months later the husband says “I can do this myself!”, but maybe we should test this on just a small section of the house. The carpet was ripped up in the dining area first, because of all the places to put carpet, that seemed the worst. With a rented sander and a huge stack of sanding pads, he got to work and it didn’t look half bad! (Man, I’m on a role with the rhyming right now!)

All that being said, the job took a lot longer and was more pricey than expected, and so for just over 2 years, we lived with the carpet still on the floor in the living room and hallway. Until this month!!

Three Times the Giggles_0025

That, right there? That’s how we really live, but it bugged me that you couldn’t really see the carpet, so I cleaned it up 😉

Three Times the Giggles_0026

You’ll just have to trust me that the carpet used to be much lighter in color, not to mention not as matted down. And Chase got a little silly when the camera came out!

Three Times the Giggles_0027

These were snapped quickly just before we had to vacate the house for the floor guys we hired. Notice all the staining and crud on the floors? Yick! And over where you see Jackson’s legs in the corner, there was a big slab of uggo tile on top of the floor.

Three Times the Giggles_0028

Notice the slight shading different between the two rooms? (It’s tough, I know – terrible lighting that morning!) Nick had done the room the boys are standing in, which is why it’s lighter here.

Just 36 hours later….

Three Times the Giggles_0029

Do you hear the angels singing as you look at this?! Needless to say, we LOVE our new floors! (There’s normally an area rug on the floor, but I rolled it up just for the pictures.)

Three Times the Giggles_0030Three Times the Giggles_0031

So next up on the home improvement list? Paint! Nick is already working on the trim, which was in sorry, sorry shape, and I’m currently looking at paint colors for the walls. Time for our little house to have a lot of TLC!

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