I had the fullest of intentions of writing all the entries on little slips of paper and having the boys draw the winners yesterday. However, I was distracted by the sight of Peeps and Reese’s Eggs, so instead this morning I used the random number generator at to select the winner.

Winner of the Pull Ups – Comment #14 The Lane Family

Winner of treats from my Etsy Shop – Comment #56 Renee and Agua Family

Congrats ladies! Just send me an e-mail to threetimesthegiggles (at) and we’ll coordinate getting prizes to you! If I don’t hear from you by Wednesday night I will pick an alternate winner.

Tomorrow I’ll show you some pictures from Easter! I may have to do some head swapping in some group pictures… wouldn’t it figure in the one picture where all three boys are looking at the camera my husband decided to cross his eyes? Here’s a little picture to hold you over until tomorrow though…


For now, I wanted to comment on some of the potty training questions that we asked in the Pull Ups giveaway!

1. What do you think is better: a potty chair or a potty ring that goes on the seat? Nick and I opted for the toilet ring, simply for selfish reasons… We didn’t want to be emptying a potty chair (or 3) 100 times a day! The ring worked great at first but then I started having the boys sit backwards on the toilet (no ring) once in a while so that we’d have a way to use public bathrooms with them feeling comfortable. Before we knew it, the boys all preferred just sitting backwards!

2. In hind’s sight, would I potty train the boys all at once or one at a time? Definitely one at a time! It was stressful enough watching one child for signs of an impending accident that I can’t imagine trying to watch 3 at a time! Staggering them a week apart really was the best move for our family.

3. What are the signs of readiness? Are we talking in our children or the parents? 😉 In all seriousness though, I’ve seen long lists of signs of readiness and if I waited until my kids showed each and every one of those I probably wouldn’t have tried to PT the boys until they were 4! Here’s what we looked for in the boys: telling us when they needed their diaper changed, increased curiosity of when Nick or I were going to the bathroom, ability to wake up dry from a nap and asking to sit on the potty. Chase exhibited those items most often so we chose him to go first, then the peer pressure took over for the other two!

4. On whether or not to wait to PT after a week long vacation next month or just do it now if he’s ready… I say now! If he’s ready and excited about it the process should go fairly quickly and I’m willing to be he’ll have a pretty good handle on it by next month.

Now, as for the regression question I have no clue because we haven’t gone through that. Questions like that and other questions you may have about PTing can be asked on the Pull Ups fan page on Facebook! Each week they have a Potty Training Expert look through the questions posted on the wall and they answer them. To join the Huggies Pull Ups Fan Page, click HERE!

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  • Kelly

    Hi Helen,
    I’m glad I came across this post of yours as my triplet boys are almost 3 and we are obviously ready to be done diapers. I will definitely take some of your advice! I would also welcome anything else you can add, if you haven’t blocked that period of time out! LOL!