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My best laid plans rarely seem to work out…. Anyone else like that? Example: instead of saving up big bucks this month and next for a van, we shelled out $1,400 yesterday for repairs the Neon needed. Ouch. Example number 2: I planned on ending the giveaway at 6pm yesterday so that I could write everyone’s name on slips of paper and have the boys draw a winner last night. Instead we took a picnic dinner to the park and didn’t get home until the boys’ bed time. Whoops!

So I had to rely on good old to pick my winner…. (drumroll please)

Brossettelewis, who takes care of herself by bathing daily, is our big winner! 

Shoot me an e-mail lady and I’ll get you all hooked up 🙂

I find it appropriate that Brossettelewis won as I was going to refer to her blog this morning anyway! You see, she had twins who had TTTS (Twin to Twin Transfusion syndrome), which is a very dangerous condition. Obviously she has become a big supporter of the March of Dimes as well. Check out her recent March for Babies post HERE.

Here’s something for you to think about…

Even if you weren’t a preemie, you and your children have benefited from the March of Dimes.
The MOD first goal was to beat Polio, and it was successful.
The APGAR scoring system for infants became standard practice around the world thanks to Dr. Virginia Apgar’s work with the March of Dimes.
The MOD funded the very first bone marrow transplant to correct a birth defect (1968)
MOD discovers that alcohol consumption during pregnancy causes birth defects (1973)
MOD funds first in utero treatment of a birth defect (1973)
MOD launched the national campaign urging women to take Folic Acid during pregnancy (1995)
MOD led the effort to have newborn screening (heel prick) for at least 21 of 29 life threatening, but treatable disorders.
Today I made the decision to lower my March for Babies goal. I thought for sure I could hit $1,000 but here we are a week and a half from the walk and I’m not even half way there. So now my goal is $500. I KNOW you all can get me that far at least! Team Three Cuties is rocking the donations this year – we’re up to 13 walkers now and have raised $1,155 as a group. Woohoo!
Donate here, please.

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