Wiggle Worms

I love when Nick has an extra day off! Due to the Easter chaos at church this weekend (something like 15 different Easter services for the 20,000 people they were expecting) all staff gets today off. A day off for Nick means a day off for ME! I got to sleep in until 9:40 this morning. Ahhh!

Yesterday was a fun filled day for us. We let the boys “hunt” for plastic eggs in the living room. The eggs each had a couple of animal crackers in them, which excited the boys a great deal!

Then we let the boys each try a Peep. I love Peeps and I’m happy to report the boys thought they were pretty cool too! That’s all the candy the boys got, which is just as well probably because they had plenty of energy on their own…

We attended church together last night and were kinda mean to the nursery staff… we dressed the boys alike! After the service we just let the boys run through the Narthax for about 20 minutes and they LOVED it. At one point we tried to have my sister take a picture of us and that didn’t go well…

When will these boys stop being wiggle worms long enough to take a decent family picture?! Seriously!

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