Why Picnics Are Great

I love that the weather is now warm enough to eat the bulk of our meals outside on the deck. I can think of several reasons why eating outside is ideal and am wondering how deep into the fall I’ll be able to push it. Picnic in a parka anyone? Ok, so why is it so great?

Reason #1 – Nick and I don’t have to have 5 mini heart attacks at each meal. When eating inside the boys like to push back from the table (thus tipping their chairs almost to the point of falling backwards, and we have a counter height table so it’s a long drop!) and if we opt to not push them up to the table, they like to see how much they can get their chairs rocking. At this rate my dining set won’t last us to their 3rd birthday!

Reason #2 – If they drop their cups and milk goes everywhere it’s not a big deal. Same with the plate of spaghetti, or piece of chocolate cake.

Reason #3 – Clean up is a snap compared to inside. Deck extra dirty? Just hose it off! Table extra sticky? Just hose it off! Lots of crumbs? Let the squirrels eat them!

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