Why Nick Isn’t In Pictures

The reasons I’m often not in pictures is obvious… I’m the one behind the camera! The reason Nick is not in many pictures is not as obvious to all of you as it is to me…

See the tongue hanging out of his mouth? Yep, that was intentional.

Whenever I pull my camera out Nick makes a face of some sort. Every single time. It drives me bonkers, and he knows it! On this particular night I said “knock it off! I just want a nice picture!”

Then the next night he did this…

*sigh* Obviously I wanted him to give Lily the bunny ears. What mother wouldn’t want this picture?

So much for a cute shot of the boys with their dad and grandfather… Thanks, Nick! Just before this shot he had moved out of the shot because he “isn’t allowed in pictures” as he told my mom. Gee Nick, I wonder why I ask you to move out of the shot so much! Ha!

And again… ahhh, my special husband.

Some day I’ll be able to take a nice picture of my husband and children and not have to swap out my husband’s head. (Yep, there have actually been some group pictures where Nick’s head is the one I’ve had to swap out – not the boys!) For now I’ll just continue to sneak up on him and try to take a picture when he doesn’t notice (sadly, he usually has to be asleep for that to happen). Or I guess I’ll have to continue to tell him to knock it off and look nice.

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  • Shari

    Yours makes silly faces, mine looks like he’s being lead to execution! He hats pictures so much, he refuses to smile. That’s another reason I’m taking a photoshop class, so I can learn to swap out HIS head! Now if only I had a nice smiling one of him…ReplyCancel

  • yeah, i get that. george’s thing for picture is to scowl.

  • I understand what you’re saying, really I do, but in Nick’s defense (sorta) I have to tell you that I always smile when seeing pics that he is in….always. 🙂

    But I do understand. Jon never smiles and his eyes always look angry. THAT ticks me off.ReplyCancel

  • Mary

    At least he has a good sense of humor! Now I can see where the boys get their silly side from! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • pop pop

    You knew who where marrying !!ReplyCancel