Why I Love the Internet

The internet has been good to me. It’s introduced me to awesome people from all over the country and world, and I’ve even had the pleasure of meeting some of those people in person. The internet has helped me self-teach myself how to use my Nikon. The internet has helped me find some awesome bargains, and even more awesome is that the internet has given me lots of free stuff.

This big stack of diapers and wipes that Jackson is perched on was not free, but it was an awesome bargain and I didn’t even have to leave my home to get them. Nope, UPS dropped them off right at my front door! If you haven’t checked out the free Amazon Mom program you need to. Not only do you get free Amazon Prime (which is 2 day shipping for free) but you get great discounts on stuff for babies and kids! That giant box of Pampers cost me just $28.14 – that’s .13 a diaper! Thank you Amazon Mom! (Tip: Watch coupon/deal sites like Money Saving Mom and Baby Cheapskate to know when certain items are really excellent deals through Amazon Mom.)

This picture frame set (which will be filled with flower pictures and hung in Lily’s room sometime next week), wasn’t free but it was pretty darn close thanks to SwagBucks. Using the SwagBucks I had earned I “bought” a $20 E-Gift Card to, which I then used for this set of frames. I think I ended up paying $6 or $7 for shipping and that was it. Sweet!

Speaking of SwagBucks, look what I did get totally for free recently…

That, my friends, is a reflector for photography. Basically, I can use it to help brighten people’s faces when the lighting is low or they’re back-lit. Here, let me show you…

Tyler, back-lit by the window. I could have moved around to 20 different spots to find just the right angle so that he wasn’t all blacked out, or I could just whip out my reflector and…

Bam! Brighter face and a picture that will be easier to fix in PhotoShop!

(I know, not the best quality picture but I was in a hurry this morning and Tyler was not happy that I was bugging him, and I didn’t take the time to “fix” the picture.)

In the last 18 months or so (I think that’s how long it has been), look at all the gift cards I’ve earned through SwagBucks

$20 in pre-paid MasterCards

$50 in PayPal Cash (deposited right into my PayPal account)

$10 Starbucks Gift Card

$65 in Amazon Gift Cards

$40 in Gift Cards

Did you add that all up? That’s $185 I’ve “made” just by using SwagBucks as my search engine.

I’ve plugged SwagBucks a couple of times before on here, but there are two reasons why I’m doing it again…

1. I know there have been many who have signed up and then never gotten around to using it. So consider this your friendly reminder at what you’re missing out on! Just make SwagBucks your in-browser search engine (instead of Google or Ask or whatever your browser’s default is) and start earning.

2. If you haven’t signed up yet and sign up before the end of this month you can start out with 80 SwagBucks! That’s a nice little SB nest egg 🙂 Here’s how to get 80: When you sign up, you automatically get 30 to start, but if you enter code “BirthdaySaving” you’ll get an extra 50.

Plus, did you know Fridays are always MegaSwagBucksDays? That means they hand out more SB’s than usual when you search and often the values are higher! If you need help or have SwagBucks questions, just holler. I want you to love the internet as much as me 🙂

Sign up by clicking HERE!

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  • Kelli

    Hi, there! I have decided to delurk by signing up for the SwagBucks! When I initially signed up (just a few minutes ago), I got too excited & forgot to enter the promotional code! Do you know if there’s a way that I can still enter the code to get those extra 50? Thanks! =)ReplyCancel

  • Thanks, I finally signed up! Can’t wait to start earning rewardsReplyCancel