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Why Aren’t They Napping?

Yesterday afternoon I was sitting on the couch wondering why on the earth the boys still sounded so wound up nearly an hour after going down for their naps. I decided I should peek in and lay down the law with them (because “the law” means so much to them right now). As I rounded the corner into their bedroom I was hit with a wave of stench. Uh oh…

Wow. Jackson and Tyler really like this new found skill they have (removing their own clothes). Apparently Chase was a captivated and encouraging audience for these two hooligans as well. Thankfully the bulk of the mess was contained to the two cribs, I must have reached them in time before they started smearing things on the wall (there was a little on Jackson’s wall, but not too much). I guess Tyler thinks there’s such a thing as too much human waste in a crib though, because in addition to what you see in his crib he also peed on the floor in front of his crib…

Just goes to show you, 3 boys trapped in a room can be dangerous at any age. Good thing I know how to laugh and have the foresight to take pictures so that I can share my joy with all of you!

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