Why 2 Year Olds Should Not Stand To Pee

*sigh* I knew this day would come. The day I’d really be annoyed that my loving husband decided to teach our darling boys how to pee standing up. Let me back up a bit though… Almost 2 months ago, while I was away for a short 36 hours, Nick decided to teach the boys how to pee standing up. Needless to say I was pretty annoyed when I called home and Nick told me what he was doing. I believe I whined something like “But Niiiick! The mess is going to be terrible!” He assured me the boys were doing a good job hitting the toilet but I was skeptical.

Turns out Nick was right. Chase and Jackson have been awesome at it! They rarely miss, so the mess has been minimal. Tyler hasn’t really cared for the whole standing thing, so I haven’t pushed it. In the last week though he decided he wanted to stand too. He seems to have a problem though…

Tuesday afternoon was a gorgeous day and we were playing in front of the house. Tyler said he had to go potty and his brothers didn’t want to come inside, so I took Ty’s shoes off at the door and sent him inside. He’d been gone a long time when I leaned in and said “Do you need help TyTy?” I could somewhat see him crouching on the floor of the bathroom, so I figured he was struggling with putting his clothes back on (something he likes to do himself). I took a few steps into the house so that I could get a good view….

Now picture if you will, Tyler squatting right in front of that dish towel and rubbing it in circles. I laughed. I had to! He had obviously pooped while standing to pee, and then realized that shouldn’t have happened. Instead of coming to get me, he went to the kitchen, grabbed a dish towel and was trying to clean it up himself! I thanked him for trying to clean it up and told him to just leave it for me to clean. This all happened at about 5:15, so I made an executive decision: I was going to leave the mess for Nick to see, so that he’d know what he’s “done”.
Nick pulled into the driveway about 10 minutes later.
Me: I need you to go look at the bathroom.
Nick: Why?
Me: Just go look.
Nick: Which one?
Me: The boys’.
A few minutes passes…
Nick: What happened in there?!
Me: I believe Tyler was standing to pee and didn’t know what to do when he suddenly had to poop too. I think you need to give him a little pep talk.
Nick: Oh dear.
Me: Did you see the dish towel?
Nick: Yeah. Why did you cover some of the poop with that?
Me: Oh that wasn’t me! That was all Tyler! Apparently he was trying to clean it up.
Laughter from both of us
Me: You stay out here and play with the boys while I clean up the bathroom and finish dinner.
Nick: Feel free to toss that dish towel. 

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