Who Are You?

Last night I was bored and was checking out my blog stats on Google Analytics. I find it fascinating to see how many people visit the blog, where they’re from, how long they stay, etc.

In the last few weeks I’ve noticed a trend. Monday through Friday I average 100 hits per day (and that doesn’t include hits from my computer), and of those 100 an average of 80 of them are unique visitors. Wow! Then on the weekends my visitors dip to about 30 a day, which is why I’ve stopped writing posts on weekends. It seems I have a lot of people that read my blog in order to slack off at work!

As I was looking over the numbers last night I started to wonder just who exactly is visiting Three Times the Giggles. Where are they from (I only see countries) and how did they find us? I know a handful of the readers because they comment or they “follow” my blog, but what about the others? We’d love to know who you are – so please comment today!

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  • JPS

    I’m 29 weeks pregnant with a singleton and stumbled across your blog. I have a friend with fraternal triplets and have always been intrigued by spontaneous multiples, especially identicals! I am home sick from work today and have been reading your blog through from the beginning. Glad your boys are doing so well 🙂


  • JPS

    Also meant to add that I live in NYC but my husband grew up in the midwest and we met there when we were in college togetherReplyCancel