Where I Live

My house is never dull. Ever. I never know what’s going to break next, who is going to be bleeding next, who is going to be crying next, who is going to say they’re hungry next, or what animal is going to walk past my house next.

Deer – happening a lot this “winter”.

Kangaroos – totally normal.

Strange birds.

A polar bear swims by every so often.

Hmmm…. maybe I should add “or who is going to stick their tongue out at me next” to that list at the beginning of the post…

Stray kittens (being kept company by three stuffed cats).

Obviously I don’t really live in a zoo, even though it often feels like it. The deer and cat are very real though. The boys (and Nick) have taken to calling the kitten Gnocchi (after the kitten in Curious George), but when the boys say it, it sounds more like “milky”, which is weird. Gnocchi has snuck into our garage and basement (they’re connected) several times, and the boys and Lily get quite excited when it appears by our back door.

After I confirm with the neighbor that it’s not their cat, I plan to find little Gnocchi a home (I’m quite allergic to cats, so it can’t stay here!). After I find him/her a home, I’ll work on finding one for the deer…

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