Where Did It Go?

Like a skittish rabbit, spring keeps appearing and then darting off again not to be seen for several days (or weeks even!). I’m not a fan of this set up as the boys are dying to go outside and can’t understand why we can go out without jackets one day and the next we have to stay in because it’s raining and 35 degrees out. Madness I tell ya!

On Wednesday spring came back into our lives for a whopping 24 hours. I decided to take full advantage though and we met Aunt Laura at a park at about the halfway point between our homes. The boys had a ball going down such big slides – I’m sure to them they seem just enormous!

Later that night we let the boys eat dinner outside at their brand new picnic table (thanks Meme and Papa for the Christmas gift)! They loved it 🙂

Now, I need my fellow moms to help me out with something! MomLogic is having a sweet contest called The Mother of All Bloggers. The Grand Prize winner gets a new laptop, blog redesign and the lead story on MomLogic on Mother’s Day. Good stuff! In order to even get qualified I need your help though… If you’re on MomLogic (and if you aren’t, you should sign up here), then please go to my profile and leave a note on my wall saying you nominate me. I need 10 nominations by April 19th in order to move on to the second part of the contest. Thanks for your help! I’ll stick this button on the sidebar too so that you can come back and nominate me later on.

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