When April Fools Jokes Come True

On April 1, 2009 I played a little joke on you all. I told you I was pregnant. I had this whole elaborate story about taking the boys to Target to buy a test. Guess what? You should be careful what you joke around about….

Just over three weeks ago it dawned on me that I was “late”. I figured it was only a couple of days but then was shocked to realize it was actually 6. Uh oh. After nap time I took the boys to Walgreen’s to buy a test. I couldn’t look the cashier in the eye!

I didn’t bother waiting until the next morning to take the test as my wondering nerves couldn’t handle the waiting anymore, and you know what? It was positive. Instantly.

Oh my. The last 3 weeks have been a roller coaster of fatigue, nausea and trying to wrap our minds around this. Nope, we weren’t trying for this. How I answered the “more kids” question on Friday in my Q and A Answer post is how I would have answered it 4 weeks ago.

I’m 8 weeks along and I’m due February 10th.

We have an ultrasound scheduled for this coming Monday, the 5th, to make sure there’s only one baby. If there’s more than one I’m going to need a lot of nominations for Extreme Makeover Home Edition, because our house isn’t big enough and we can’t move due to our Re-Fi this spring!

I guess my “Summer of Change” ended up being more of a change than I was bargaining for! I’m excited though and, of course, am hoping for a girl.