What’s Your Goal?

Today I celebrate 32 years of life. Feels like just yesterday I was a pregnant, 25 year old… Ha!

I thought I would hit my pre-triplet weight before I turned 30, but that didn’t happen. Then I thought “surely by 31!”, and that didn’t happen. Then I thought “by 32, for sure!”. Nope, still not there. Granted, I’ve been hovering 8-10 pounds over that goal weight for about 18 months. Yep. So I suppose you can see why I thought I would surely hit that goal soon (and ultimately, I should lose another 5-10 after that goal in order to be at a healthy weight and BMI)!

I’ve been working out like a machine in the last month, and have had a good handle on my eating as well, so imagine my surprise when the scale still wouldn’t budge. Humph.

Two years ago, a really cute H&M shirt was given to me for my birthday. I was excited when I opened it up, but thought “this might be kinda tight…”. Turned out it was really tight. As in, not wearable in public tight, because I could barely get it on. Rather than return it, I kept it, figuring in no time at all I would be able to wear it.

Last summer I still couldn’t wear it. *sigh*

But this summer….

Hooray! It finally fits!

Slow & Steady wins the race, right? Plus all that working out last month, which really was the most consistent I’ve been with working out since about October.

My new goal? The Express Jeans we uncovered in the basement, that used to be my favorite jeans. I haven’t worn them since before my pregnancy with the boys, and they’re quite a bit smaller than most of my jeans right now, but I’m determined to get those things on!

This new goal is going to take a lot of working out I think, and continued diligence with healthy eating! You know what I like though? Is that this goal isn’t going to be scale driven. I could slim down several inches and still not see much scale movement, but those inches could mean I can get the jeans up around my hips at least (which is currently not do-able. How’s that for transparency?).

So here’s what I’m doing – I’m going to bump up the frequency of my workouts, especially strength training. When I’ve done 25 workouts, I’ll let myself go use the Macy’s gift card I’ve had for almost a year! After I’ve shopped, I’ll set another small goal.

Along with the workouts, I’ve started a DietBet with some friends. Many of you comment so frequently on here or on the Three Times the Giggles Facebook page, that I feel like we’re friends too, so I’m inviting you! The DietBet starts officially on Friday, but weigh-ins are being accepted now.

This isn’t like your standard diet competition, where only the top three losers win money – this is a competition with yourself to get your money back (in this case, $15)! You have 4 weeks to lose 4% of your body weight. Do that, and you split the pot with everyone else who loses 4% too. No “giving up” a week or two in when you see others losing crazy amounts of weight (and giving up is usually what I would do with these kinds of competitions), instead you focus on your goal! In case you’re interested in the friendly competition among friends, here’s the link!

So what kind of bettering-yourself goal are you working on right now?

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  • Angela

    Good for you! I just weaned my son a few weeks ago and have set a weight-loss goal as well. And like you, I find non-scale related goals easier to work for! So I joined a karate school here in my new city and I’m working on my black belt equivalency (I have a black belt from a different school but want to to pass the one at this school so I can become an instructor here.)

    Somehow it’s easier to eat healthy and hit the gym when it’s my fighting skills that are at stake!I’m sure if I actually had any nice clothes that would be an incentive too though, LOL.

    Good luck!ReplyCancel

  • Go, Angela! And remind me to never approach in a dark alley 😉ReplyCancel

  • Caitlin

    Well done! I too am trying to lose a bit of weight- I’ve lost 5 kilograms on the scales (aiming for a minimum of 10- and am unsure on what that would be in lbs) but have lost 25 centimetres off my abdomen and waist. I almost fell over when I slipped into my jeans (its heading into winter in Australia and the train on the way to university is chilly!) and they were loose around my hips! So now I’m heading out to get new jeans and hopefully lose a bit more! Small goals, I find, work the best!ReplyCancel

  • A belated happy birthday to you, Helen! I am actually not big on the astrology thing, but you and I are born under the same sign!:-)

    I have had this “thing” about my goal. I have been above the WW goal since last August, and my diligent efforts are just not bringing the scale on a downward movement.:-( I will not go for an official weigh-in until I am at a point that I don’t have to pay! So – my goal is to find myself at that WW goal – a weight that I maintained 7 pounds below for four years!

    I send wishes for success to you, Helen! You really do look great!

    xo NellieReplyCancel