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I’m not sure why, but I always used to be too scared to try roasting a whole chicken. When I learned how to cook a whole chicken in the crock pot I was pretty excited. The chicken almost always came out great and it was super easy to make. When I figured out how to grill a whole chicken I was quite excited about that!

A little over a week ago I found myself only a few hours away from dinner with a whole chicken sitting in my fridge. It was too late to put it in the crock pot and it was too cold outside to grill, so I turned to the internet. More specifically I turned to The Pioneer Woman. She didn’t let me down (she never does) as she had super easy instructions on how to roast a whole chicken in the oven.

Here’s what I used on my bird


Whole Chicken





Sea Salt

Fresh Cracked Pepper

You could easily swap out a lot of these ingredients. You could use lemon instead of orange, you could use different spices, you could use canola oil (I did the first time and it was just fine), etc.

After you rinse and pat dry your chicken, rub oil and spices all over it. Yup, your hands will be gross by the end of it, but it’s worth it. Then, cut your orange in half and shove it you-know-where.

Place your chicken breast side down in a pan and cook in a 450 degree oven. My chicken was about 5 pounds and took just shy of 90 minutes to cook. I start checking (using a meat thermometer) at about an hour and 15 minutes to make sure I don’t over cook it.

Mmmmmm! Golden, crispy skinned chicken! The insides were perfectly moist and just awesome. Here’s the deal though – you have to let this “rest” for 10-15 minutes before you cut into it. If you cut too soon your chicken will dry out. Plus, letting it sit means when you cut into it and start sampling you won’t burn your mouth.

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  • Krista

    That’s what I’m making for dinner, too. Except I do mine in the crock pot. Great minds think alike!ReplyCancel

  • I LOVE roasted chicken. I always cut up potatoes, carrots and onions – toss with oil olive, salt & pepper and place them in the bottom of the roaster around the chicken. I use a lemon instead of an orange too.ReplyCancel

  • Yummy! Sounds and looks good.ReplyCancel

  • Yum! I love Pioneer Woman’s recipes, but this is one I haven’t tried yet. I’ll definitely be giving it a chance with the chicken that’s sitting in my freezer!ReplyCancel

  • We had a whole chicken tonight, except we cut it up (I learned how by watching some YouTube videos!) and sprinkled it with salt, garlic powder and some herb mix. Made some mixed veggies and some quinoa to go with it and yum!ReplyCancel

  • Oh, and Thank you! 🙂ReplyCancel