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I’ve noticed that as the kids get older, life seems to “get away” from me a little quicker. That fact that I finally got around to blogging pictures from July in March would be an excellent example of this.  Anyway, I figured now was a good time to put together a blog updating on all of our randomness. We’ll start with the kids!


Three Times the Giggles

My handsome man Jackson is excelling in school, both in his Kindergarten class and in the 1st grade class he attends for reading and writing each morning. The few times I’ve seen him at school, he’s been quiet, respectful, but also popular among his classmates. When I stopped by his room during Valentine’s Day parties, one of his classmates said “Are you Jackson’s mom? Jackson is really nice!”. Made this mom’s heart quite proud!

Jackson still loves his electronics, and his current obsession is with checking March Madness brackets. Not just his, but his brothers’ brackets, my bracket, Nick’s bracket, Lily’s bracket (yes, we had her do one, see video below), brackets of strangers, brackets from last year’s tournaments, and on and on. He was pretty bummed when I informed him yesterday that no games had been played while he was at school, and therefore no brackets had changed!


Three Times the Giggles

Ty-Guy is also doing well in Kindergarten and the 1st grade room. He seems to be a bit of a ladies man, based on how often he has notes from girls in his backpack! I saw the girls flocking around him when I was in his class for the Valentine’s Day parties too. Cracked me up!

Ty’s developing quite the love of sports, especially basketball. He’s the one that most often asks me if we can go out front to “shoot some hoops”. He loved soccer last fall, and he’s really looking forward to baseball starting up in a couple of weeks!


Three Times the Giggles

Ah, my sweet, cuddly Chase! Chase is doing fantastic in Kindergarten & 1st grade as well, and seems to be well-loved by his classmates. Twice now he’s been picked by his peers as one of the two Star Students of the semester (something only his teacher seems to do). Apparently the kids all vote on who is kindest and most helpful. My sweet boy 🙂 He also is a ladies man, and brings home lots of notes and “gifts” from a few of the girls in his class.

Chase also is quite athletic! He loves playing soccer in the front yard, playing basketball when Nick is home, and is super excited about baseball. He has great hand/eye coordination, and just seem to be a natural when it comes to any of these sports.

Oh, and did I mention he’s still just as snuggly as ever? I still think back in amazement to that NICU nurse predicting he’d be my snuggler!


Three Times the Giggles

Crazy, silly Lily! This girl is 90% fun and silliness and still only about 10% three year old, which is a relief. She’s only at her very worst when tired or sick (which she’s been quite a bit, in the last couple of weeks). She has her moments where the silliest things will send her over the edge (like a banana, which happened earlier today), but after stomping off and crying, she’ll usually come back in 5 minutes or so, ask for a tissue and say “I feel better now, Mommy”. Whew! I am slightly concerned how this emotional stuff will play out in 10 years, but I’m trying to focus on soaking up her cuteness for now instead.

This year the boys asked if Lily could pick a March Madness bracket in our little family challenge, so Nick obliged. Video is below (or here, for you e-mail subscribers)! While in these 30 seconds she only picked the 2nd team, I can assure you there were many other times she picked the first team Nick said. Her random picks were quite good for the first couple of days of the tournament, but then it went downhill from there. Her final pick? George Washington beating Duke, by a score of 5 to 2. HA!

The Adults:

Nick is busy, busy, busy with work, and still loving his job at our church. It’s so hard for us to believe it’s now been just over 9 years since we moved to Kansas City! He also built Lily a twin size bed this winter! I promise I’ll tidy up her room, make the bed, and post some pictures soon. I’m impressed with his emerging skills!

I’ve been busy with my photography business, Faces You Love Photography. In January I happened upon a great little studio space that was for rent, and decided to look into it. It ended up being perfect for what I need (a space to photograph newborns and babies, primarily), and in a location I loved, for a price I could afford. So guess what? On March 1st it became mine!

Faces You Love studio_0002Faces You Love studio_0003

Needless to say, moving in & doing finishing touches pretty much consumed my first couple of weeks of March. It’s still not 100% to where I’d like it, but I can shoot there and I love how it feels already. One afternoon, I sat in that glider, with Lily on my lap, and just looked around and soaked it in. It’s just so warm, and bright, and cozy! Totally my new happy place, and I absolutely cannot wait to hold my first newborn session there!

So that’s what’s been going on!

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