What We’ve Been Up To

I really dislike that I’ve blogged so infrequently this fall. I know you dislike it too! Life has spun slightly out of control since September, thus the silence here. Since September I’ve done 16 full-length sessions, and 22 mini-sessions, and I’m not done yet. I have 5 more regular sessions still to come before Thanksgiving, and then life will settle down again. Whew! If I ever go missing again, you can check my business Facebook page and likely see that I’m shooting and editing like mad! (Faces You Love FB Page.)

Among all of the business stuff, we’ve been doing lots of family stuff! Here’s a run-down of some of the stuff we’ve done in the last month!

We’ve played with cars.

Lily spends lots of time asking for things.

We got excited about the ground-breaking for the new penguin exhibit at the zoo!

We copied some statues.

We watched the polar bear play with a barrel.

We watched the city tear up part of our yard, all in the name of repairing a sewer line.

Lily suddenly started exhibiting mothering tendencies and it is adorable to watch!

Chunky monkey weighed in at 34.5 pounds when we took her for her flu shot, and her seats have rear-facing limits of 35, so she got turned to forward facing last month! (This will get a separate post at some point.)

We went Trunk or Treating!

We swapped bedrooms with the boys, and Nick built them some bunk beds and a loft bed! (This will get it’s own post too!)

Santa took our little farmer, two policemen and Cars pit-crew member trick or treating!

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  • That is a lot of action packed into a short period of time! I vote you take a nice long run, then enjoy a nice long nap. Oh wait, you have 4 kids. Nevermind (sorry, from someone with no kids, I really don’t comprehend how you accomplish so much!)ReplyCancel

    • LOL! I LOVE your suggestion Jess! A couple of Sundays ago I did manage to get the nice long run part in! I should have mentioned I’m also scheduled to run my first 10K next weekend. Yikes!ReplyCancel

  • pop pop

    Thank you ! Thank you ! I have SO missed you and your updates. I really was about to call you on it……ReplyCancel

  • Angela

    Wow, Lily looks so much bigger than the last time you posted! Love your pics–the polar bear is so cool, and that shot in the dark of them all going trick-or-treating is spectacular!ReplyCancel

    • Thank you, Angela! And I’ve noticed even just in the last couple of weeks that Lily is changing a lot. She’s losing the baby look very rapidly!ReplyCancel