What Happened in November

Seeing as we’re almost to Christmas and the end of 2013 already (eek!) I thought I better play catch-up here! So what’d we do in November?

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We attended Family Literacy Night at the boys’ school! The boys all read a new book in the library, and then filled out a book report form and had their picture taken to be displayed in the library. And then we wandered to a classroom (Chase’s!) to “fish” for words, and then build silly sentences out of the words they caught.

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It was on this night that the first grade teacher  the boys’ see daily, hooked Lily up with her very own “Read!” t-shirt! She loves wearing it, especially on Wednesdays when the boys all wear their Read shirts to school 🙂

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The Cat in the Hat was there, which the kids were all excited about!

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Then we all went into the music room for a little karaoke! Yep. Karaoke. Know why that was included in Family Literacy Night? Because the kids have to read the words on the screen! So what songs did the boys all pick (and insist on singing separately)? Jingle Bells. Yes. All three of them picked the very same song, so everyone in the music room was treated to it three times in a row. Bahahaha!

In November we also played in the leaves! There’s never a shortage of those at our house. We live in a old neighborhood, with HUGE trees, and while people always comment in the spring and summer how great our trees are (a lot of friends live in new subdivisions that have tiny trees), we kinda feel like they’re not so awesome in November 😉

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Know what else was awesome that we did in November? We went and saw the penguins! YAY!! The brand new penguin exhibit is finally open at the Kansas City Zoo, and it is AWESOME!

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We went on a very cold Saturday morning, so the zoo was practically empty. We spent a solid hour inside that penguin exhibit, and had to pretty much drag our kids out of there finally. They had so much fun watching the penguins swim, jump out of the water, push each other back into the water, etc. Lily’s squeals were awesome!

Identical Triplets Blog_0012

We wrapped November up with these three handsome guys taking Communion for the first time. They’d been asking for months about it, so we had a little sit-down with them to discuss the why’s behind Communion, and answer questions they had. After that, we were certain they were ready for it. Right after I took that picture at the end of the service they announced they want to be baptized next! While we do attend a United Methodist Church (they baptize infants), we decided to wait and let our kids tell us when they want to be baptized. Nick and I both have our own special baptism memories and want the same for our kids! So bittersweet to watch your kids grown up, isn’t it?

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  • Cindy in San Antonio

    Thanks, Helen, for the blog! It is always so refreshing to see your kiddos and hear what they are doing. Loved the photos, especially the penguin exhibit, and the leaves, and Dr. Seuss — well, ALL of them!!ReplyCancel

  • pop pop

    Wow, first communion AND the Cat in the Hat !! Plus penguins. Can’t wait to visit !ReplyCancel