What Could Have Been

A few weeks ago, during Spring Break, something fun happened in our home.

A video crew from our church took over our living room, kitchen, and dining room for a few hours! A new sermon series about Finding Joy In Real Life is starting this coming weekend, and our name had been tossed out as a fun little slice of life on how to do just that – be joyful in real life. Cause really, what’s more real life than a hoard of children?!

So equipment was set up and containers were all over my house. I thought that I really “exploded” into people’s homes when I drag all my stuff out for a newborn session, but that’s got nothing on this production!

Chase & Jackson enjoying a little Rock, Paper, Scissors while waiting for everything to be ready to go.


So the plan was that our chaotic little family would be featured in the promo video that would be shown during all of the Easter services (hello, 25,000+ people!) and that our faces would be on the bulletin insert. Whoa! We were all pretty excited about this, and managed to keep it a secret from all but Laura (she was at the house when the crew rolled up, so I kinda had to tell her what was going on).

Several days before Easter we found out that while the footage was awesome, a committee that had viewed it was concerned it would look too much like a parenting series. Yep, probably did, and unfortunately it’s not a parenting series. So we got axed. Boo!

Nick and I were mighty bummed, and were wondering how the boys would handle the news. I sat them all down and explained what happened, and you know what? I got a glimpse into a future with mature kids! There was no crying, or whining, or melting down (this time). There were just sad faces and “why’s?”. I was so proud of how they handled the news! The boys and I agreed, that now that people know how awesome they are, that perhaps they’ll think of us next time there IS a sermon series that we would make more sense for.

Regardless, this was a fun, family afternoon/evening, and we followed it with pizza, so all was good!

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  • pop pop

    That would have so cool. Oh well. Like you said, they have the tape for another time. Come quickly June !ReplyCancel