Welcome to our new home!

I know I conducted a poll a while back about whether or not to make a move to a more “traditional” blog set up or to stay with Freewebs. At the time of that poll, Freewebs won in a big way. I was only too happy to stay there too as I enjoyed the set up of our website.

Last night as I was attempting to load a few more pictures onto the website I discovered I was yet again out of space on Freewebs! It seems like I have to delete pictures, videos and/or blogs every few weeks in order to put something new up and I’m tired of it.

If you look on the right hand side of the page, you’ll notice links to our photo album and our YouTube channel. I will also be including many more photos in my blogs now that space isn’t such an issue.

The old site will remain up for a few months for people who want to read our older posts as I’m going to just start fresh here.

If you have our site linked on your blog, please remember to change the url link!

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