Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth

I think it’s official. The terrible twos are upon us. Yuck! The boys have become more irritable, they are demanding, they’re aggressive (actually for now Jackson is the aggressive one but I’m sure he’ll rub off), they spend a lot of time in “Time Out” and they throw spectacular tantrums. Oh the tantrums…

Don’t believe my sweet looking little boys are capable of such terrible things? Just wait until you see the pictures! First though, I feel like I need to build the story from yesterday afternoon just so you can see how fast they go from adorable crowd pleasers (literally) to little monsters in the car.

Yesterday on our way home from a meeting I had at church, I decided to stop by the basketball camp Nick is working at. I knew the morning session of camp was about to end and thought the boys would love running around a gym and seeing Nick. When we walked in, camp was just wrapping up. The boys were pumped to be in a huge gym, see lots of kids and lots of balls. The squeals were hilarious! I so wish I’d had my video camera with me because the excited signs and talking (basketball! coach! balls! etc) were so funny! Nick and I kept saying and signing “wait” which they would then say and sign back and then they’d run a happy little circle around us in anticipation. It was quite entertaining for all the parents waiting to pick up their kids.

When camp broke up the boys had a blast running around and a lot of the kids (whose parents weren’t there yet) were great with the boys.

Then we had to leave.

Uh oh.

The boys did not want to leave the gym and they certainly did not want to leave all those basketballs. Oh boy. The crying and fit throwing started as soon as we tried to leave the gym, and continued in the hall and all the way out to the car. Nick and the head coach even grabbed a few extra balls to give the boys for the ride home in hopes it would calm them a bit. Nope. Chase enjoyed looking at his, but he was in a relatively good mood to begin with. My other two angels?

And this was after we’d already been on the road for 10 minutes!

They did that the whole way home. They were so worked up and crabby I didn’t even bother trying to force feed them lunch. They went right down for their nap and I didn’t hear from them for 3.5 hours (over 4 for Ty!).

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