Weekend Tidbits

Nothing massively exciting happened here over the weekend (we’ll attempt fireworks next year), so I thought I’d just give you a quick run down of things we did or were said this weekend….

* Nick nicely pointed out to me after I told someone the boys would be 2 in August that I can now just say “They’ll be 2 next month”. AHHHHHH! How did that happen?!

* We took the boys yesterday to what is likely our favorite new park – too bad it’s a 15 minute drive to it.

* On the way home from the above park Chase threw an epic tantrum (he was mad Nick wouldn’t let him just lay in the parking lot) and dragged Jackson into it by hitting and scratching him. About half way home (and half-way through the tantrum) Nick turned to me and said “I bet you’re glad I’m witnessing this aren’t you?” I told him I was sad Jackson had to be dragged into it, but yes I was glad he was there to referee while I drove and that he was witnessing it. I also told him to imagine dealing with that alone in the car. Maybe I can talk him into a van sooner than I thought….

* A nursery worker at church gushed to us for about 10 minutes about how nice, well-behaved and good looking our boys are and how we’ll have trouble with the girls in about 14 years. Nick and I already know all those things, but it’s nice to hear from a stranger 🙂

* Jackson threw his own epic tantrum in Home Depot. I’m sure most of the store heard him. The problem? He was jealous of the car cart Chase was driving (even though it was exactly the same as his and Tyler’s car). When Jackson dragged Ty into the tantrum (by biting him) Tyler got moved into Chase’s car and Nick decided to just carry Jackson. As I was walking away with Ty and Chase a Home Depot employee asked me how I keep them so quiet. I laughed and said they aren’t all quiet… didn’t you hear the screaming and crying 2 minutes ago?

* I noticed this weekend that sometimes when Jackson says “truck” it sounds more like the f word. Awesome. I think from now on we’ll just call all vehicles “cars”!

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