Weekend Recap

Yeah, yeah. I know it’s Thursday and the start of another weekend is almost here. I got so caught up in the giveaway, fall leaves and Chase singing though that I completely forgot to post the random pictures from last weekend! Ready for a whirlwind tour of a weekend of fun?

On Friday morning we decided to venture to the Home Show. Usually it’s something outrageous like $8-$10 a person to get into those things, but due to the economy this one was free! We figured the boys would get a kick out of all the stuff to look at. We were semi right… The cable company had a pop-a-shot basketball thing and soccer net set up, so the boys loved that. Probably most loved though was the pet adoption section! It’s only a matter of time before the 4 of us can gang up on Nick and get a dog.

Also set up at the Home Show was a kid’s discovery area hosted by one of the local kid’s museums! The boys had a ball with these “finger paints”. They were in a tray and hard like regular kid’s paints, but when the boys dipped their finger into a cup of water and then touched the paint they could use them like finger paints. Anyone know what these are called or where I could buy them? The boys loved them and I loved that they didn’t make a big mess!

Tyler also enjoyed “painting” his own face.
 On Saturday afternoon we made a mad dash to a birthday party. We could only stay for about 20 minutes before heading off to church, but that 20 minutes we just long enough for Chase to make a mess with a Cookie Monster cupcake!
After church was over Nick needed to deliver something to another staff member. We took the boys on the hunt for said staff member and on our journey ended up in the sanctuary. It was the first time the boys had been in there since we brought them to church for the first time (when they were 7 months old). They LOVED all the chairs and Nick and I thought we were going to be in there forever while they tried out each and every seat. Thankfully something distracted them and they took off. I loved seeing them in there though and can’t wait for the next time 🙂
We rounded the weekend out with more cupcakes! Sunday afternoon we celebrated Laura’s 25th birthday.

If you haven’t entered our WaterWeek giveaway, today is your LAST CHANCE! Contest ends at 10pm tonight and winners will be announced tomorrow morning!

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