Weekend O’ Fun

What a busy, tiring but fun weekend we had here! Here’s the quick version of all the fun….

Thursday night I went to the Royals/Red Sox game with my sister! Not only were our tickets a bargain ($43 for a pair and a parking pass and the tix were normally $43 each – thank you Craigslist!) but the Sox won! Woohoo!

Friday morning we took the boys for their flu shots and Tyler’s weight check – you can read about that here
Friday afternoon I entered the boys in the Gap Casting Call! It would help if my blogging friends could vote for them and try to propel them into the fan’s choice. You can vote for each picture once a day. Voting ends in mid-November so I’ll likely remind you again a few times. You can see and vote for my entries HERE!
Saturday started very early. This was the first time in a loooong time I’ve gotten up before the sun. Early that morning I loaded the boys up and headed to our church to watch Nick run in the Sacred Steps 5K, a fund raiser for many of ministries in Africa that our church supports. I’ve run the race twice before but Nick had never had a chance to until this year. He came in 3rd in his age group with a time of 21 minutes even! He was the 15th person to cross the finish line out of the 1,500 or so participants. Go Nick!
After the race, Nick took the boys home while I stayed at the church for an All Day Crop! Because Kodak has been super slow in getting me the prints I ordered close to 2 weeks ago now, I had to scramble to find something to occupy me. I chose to catch up on the book I started for Nick and me back before we had kids! What a fun change of pace. Oh and I officially want a Cricut now. I’d never used one prior to the crop, but two ladies brought theirs and I now love the Cricut!
Sunday (yesterday) afternoon Laura and I loaded up the boys and headed to The Plaza Art Fair! We had a great time wandering around and heard lots of comments. We’d only been out of the car 5 minutes when Laura asked me how I handle all the stares and comments. I told her I just kind of tone them out now unless someone is specifically talking to me (versus just commenting to their friends). It just doesn’t phase me. And I know the boys had their picture taken at least twice – once by a guy who asked if he could and once by a woman in a van we walked past.
The best comment I heard there? A woman walked past us and told me “that’s the best display I’ve seen here all day!”, meaning she enjoyed seeing my boys more than the art I guess 🙂
It was unseaonably hot, so after a bathroom stop at McDonald’s I bought the boys each their own “orange drink”. They loved it and by the time we got home they were wired from all the sugar!

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