Weekend O’ Fun

What a weekend! I’m still trying to play catch up from all of the fun and activity, thus the super late post today. I’m still processing some photos from the weekend, so there will be more posted in the coming days.

Our fun this weekend included, practicing riding bikes! Jackson finally got the hang of peddling. Now we just have to get the three of them good at it and we’ll look at fixing my sad looking bike and buying one for Nick!

The boys also had a swim lesson. Usually they use a part of the pool that isn’t close enough for me to take pictures of them, but they were nearby this week and the instructor gave me permission to come closer! (Usually parents are asked to stay by the tables so as to keep the pool decks clear.)

Sunday was the March for Babies! The weather was cold and cloudy, but that didn’t stop us from having fun! We had 15 walkers this year on team Three Cuties, which was awesome. Even more awesome though, as of today we have raised $2,116 as a group! Our goal was $2,000. Also, even though the ticker above doesn’t reflect it, I met and exceeded my goal! When the last two checks come in later this week I’ll be at $1,030 raised. Woohoo! Honestly, when I saw on Saturday morning that I was still over $300 away from the goal I didn’t think I was going to make it, so I was shocked when last minute donations started pouring in.

L-R: Aunt Laura, Jackson, Tyler, Chase, Lily and me

I’m so  thankful to all that walked with us this year and for all of you that were able to give! I’m going to leave the ticker up this week, just in case you meant to give but forgot. I can still accept donations, so feel free to click through there if you’d like to give.

My 30th birthday was also Sunday and while Nick had to work it was still a fun day. Nothing sweeter than hearing a 3 year old sing Happy Birthday! There’s still fun to come though… Nick has planned a date night for us and my amazing sister has insisted on throwing a small party 4 days before her wedding! We’ll celebrate my birthday, our brother’s birthday and her fiance’s birthday all at once. Fun times ahead!

And, thanks to a very generous and sweet friend, I’m doing boot camp again this month! What a birthday gift – getting up at 4:50am and working out! I can’t wait to see the transformation that will come from 8 weeks straight of boot camp.

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  • Great job with the fundraising! We had a great day as well. Happy Birthday you young thing! You deserve to have a very special day! Hugs!ReplyCancel

  • Happy Be-lated Birthday!

    Can’t wait to walk with you next yearReplyCancel