Weekend Fun – Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!

Are you all ready for some photo overload? We had a lot of fun this weekend and I took (of course) a lot of pictures! In fact, what you’re about to see doesn’t even cover the entire weekend. Our fun from last night will be reserved for it’s own post later this week.


Chase and Tyler were nice enough to be my photography subjects one afternoon (Jackson was still napping). I am still trying to figure out proper settings, lighting, etc on my new camera, so took advantage of two silly boys. (Tyler is wearing red and Chase is wearing brown)

We also played with the “new” crayons I made! Yep, I made ’em…
I swiped this great idea for broken crayons when I saw some like these being used in the boys’ classroom at church. For kids who don’t care about color selection or staying in the lines, these are perfect! Plus, they’re harder to break than regular crayons.
Trains, Planes and Automobiles
Late Friday afternoon Nick and I took the boys downtown to visit Union Station. I had heard at my mom’s group that the giant (and I mean giant) model train set up had been put up for viewing. We also knew there were lots of Christmas trees to look at and that the boys would likely love running in The Link (enclosed, sky-walks that go across the busy intersections downtown and connect several buildings, including Union Station). We were right! (Jackson is wearing blue, Tyler is in orange and Chase is in gray)
I also took a couple of chances this weekend to take more “artsy” looking shots! Here are some of The Plaza all lit up (remember, we took the boys to the lighting ceremony on Thanksgiving night!) and also of Liberty Memorial (taken from inside The Link on late Friday afternoon).

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