We Finally Bought A Van

Yesterday was a momentous day for our vehicles…

In the afternoon my beloved Neon hit 100,000 miles (I’ve had it for 8 years next month).

Then we traded in our old 1996 Jeep (the dealer only wanted to give us $1,000 for it but I told them we needed $2,000 or no deal).
Then we bought a new (to us) van! Woohoo!
That, my friends, is a bargain of a van. It’s a 2008 Kia Sedona with just under 36,000 miles on it and the sticker price was just $12,980. I knew vans for that price could be found, thanks to a handy dandy spreadsheet I made while researching vans, but I also knew that price would be hard to come by. When I saw one listed for that online Tuesday afternoon we jumped on it. 
I’m glad the years (2.5) of longing for a van are finally over. I’m glad the weeks (2.5) of van research are finally over. And I’m glad the months (6) of spending mass amounts of money on the Jeep are over!
The boys checking out the van at the dealership.
Yesterday I lowered my March for Babies goal to $500. Then I hit $500, so I raised it to $600. Today I checked and I am right at $600, so of course I feel the need to raise it to $700! Have you donated to help give babies a healthy start to life?

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