Video Clip of the Week – Whoopee Cushion Fun

Allow me to set the stage here for you…

When my family was here over Christmas my mom and sister-in-law made a run to Target on Christmas Eve day. While there my mom spotted some “Premium Holiday Crackers”. Now before you get confused like Nick and my brother were, these were not packages of crackers you eat but rather the kind of “crackers” you pull on, they make a cracking noise and then a “prize” falls out of. Guess it’s some English tradition or something. So anyway, my mom bought two boxes of these things but then we forgot to do them while they were here.

New Years Eve night Nick and I decided to entertain the boys by pulling all 12 crackers. The box said each cracker contained a “premium toy or novelty”. Nick and I pulled the first one and a large black object went flying past my head and landed with a loud crash on the kitchen floor. The object? A small flashlight. Nick and I started cracking up at this point at the thought of this large black thing flying out and smacking someone in the head. What fun!

A couple of pulls later we had a dud, or so we thought. We pulled one of the crackers and nothing came out. After I pulled the last cracker out of box #1 something shiny at the bottom of the box caught my eye. The premium toy or novelty? A very large set of nail clippers! We about died with laughter at that one.

As we pulled the crackers in box # 2 we got duplicates of everything in box #1. This time though set #2 of nail clippers went flying across the room. We were laughing so hard I started to cry. Could you imagine the look on my 5 year old nieces face when we told her she’d get a cool toy out of this thing and then instead got hit with a giant pair of nail clippers?! Oh man!

So here’s all the loot that came out of these things…. I think the company needs to reevaluate their use of the word “premium” on the box, or I’d hate to see what comes out of non-premium crackers.

The 2 flashlights we got didn’t make the picture (the boys had carried them off already), but the other items include 3 mini Whoopee Cushions, 2 mini cars, 2 giant pair of nail clippers, 2 mini tape measures (what kid doesn’t want his own tape measure?!) and a mini screw driver set. Awesome!
The boys’ favorite? The Whoopee Cushions, once we showed them how to use them of course…

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