Video Clip of the Week & Ty’s Moment of Fame

Yesterday Tyler made the local news 3 times (5pm, 6pm and 10pm). No, he’s not wanted for armed robbery and no, he didn’t break a world record. He was on simply for being adorable and for being adorable while watching the storms we had!

The weather guy Nick and I watch often shows weather related pictures that viewers took and e-mailed him. Yesterday when I saw on the station weather blog that he was looking for storm (especially hail) related pictures I knew just what to send him…

Tyler was glued to that back door during the first hail storm of the day! Apparently Gary Lezak (the weather guy) loved the picture because it made his weather forecast at 5pm, 6pm and 10pm yesterday. I’ll be calling the station later today to see about getting copies of the weather forecasts, and the e-mail I received from Gary Lezak (telling me Ty would be on at least at 5pm) will be going into Tyler’s scrapbook for sure!

Ok, on to the Video Clip of the Week… (The first few seconds are completely random but Chase cracks me up in it, so I left it.)

I still haven’t finished sorting out the coupons Tyler helped me with and Jackson moved/deleted some e-mails to a place that I can’t find them! If anyone was expecting an e-mail back from me but hasn’t gotten one, well now you know why…

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