Video Clip of the Week – Snow!

Yesterday we had our first real snow of the season. We got about 2 inches here according to the weather folks. It was just enough to cover everything in white and really make it look like Christmas is coming. I was so excited to let the boys experience snow for the first time that I didn’t let the fact that I only had two pair of mittens or that I was home alone stop me.

On with the Clip of the Week!

Yes, those were socks you saw on Jackson’s hands. I figured they were a good substitute for mittens. Speaking of socks….

Yes, Jackson was out in the snow with one shoe on and one shoe off. I didn’t even realize it until after came back inside and only had one shoe to take off him. It must not have bothered him too much because he threw a fit when I brought them back inside. Good thing we were only outside about 10 minutes!

Jackson & Tyler




On a semi-related note, I just have to share something with my fellow New Englanders… Warning, the following will probably disgust you! So the snow stopped around 4 or 5 yesterday afternoon. Like I said, we only got 2-3 inches. Know what we saw on the 10pm news last night? A list of schools that were going to be closed today! Yes, you read that right. We got 2 inches of snow and the schools decided it was best to close for the next day. Could you imagine if New England schools closed every time you had 2 inches of snow?

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