Video Clip of the Week – No Longer Safe

We just finished 2 days of fun with my brother, sister in law, nieces and nephew. We don’t get to see them very often (their youngest daughter is 8 months old and this was the first time we’d seen her) so we were all looking forward to seeing how the kids all interacted with each other. The 5 “older” kiddos all had a blast together and the boys were a bit confused when they got up this morning and everyone was gone (Breck and family left at 5am today to head for Texas).

One fun thing that happened I managed to catch on video. Remember our nice, calm Step 2 Coaster we have in the back yard? It’s a nice easy ride for the boys and they love it. Well, leave it to my brother to turn that nice, easy, safe ride into something else!

Behold the new and “improved” Step 2 Coaster… (I’m sure there’s a warning somewhere on the box that says not to do this)

As you can see, the boys love it. I thought for sure they’d be scared!

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