Video Clip of the Week – Jackson’s Favorite Shows

The boys have a few favorite DVDs they like to watch: Signing Time, Baby Signing Time, Baby Einstein or Winnie the Pooh. Thankfully my local library has a large stock of Signing Time and Pooh DVDS and we have a decent collection of Baby Einstein.

Jackson is especially obsessed with the “newest” Winnie the Pooh DVD we have. It’s a collection of the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, which are the same stories Nick and I grew up with! Sunday afternoon after Nick left for church Jackson started asking to watch that DVD in his own special way. Bad news though – Nick had mistakenly taken that DVD to church with him! Jackson would not let up, even when I tried to just have them watch a Signing Time. I eventually resorted to pirated clips on YouTube.

This week’s clip features Jackson’s unique way of asking for his favorite shows!

You have a little more time to get your questions to me in this week’s Q&A! I’ll answer them all on Friday’s post. Click here for the rules and to ask your question.

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