Video Clip of the Week – Fun with Vick’s

While the boys were sick last week (and the week before that) we put Vick’s Baby Rub on their chests to help combat the runny noses and coughing. Every time Nick or I would rub it on them, the boys would giggle hysterically! I just knew I needed that on video, so Monday night I filmed while Nick lathered them up.

The order of appearance is Chase, Tyler and then Jackson.

Hope you all like the new background! When I saw it yesterday I knew I just had to have it considering we refer to the boys as “the monkeys”. When I switched things around though I lost a bunch of my “widgets” including my March for Babies button. I’ve gotten most back, but can’t get the March for Babies button to work right now. If you want to sponsor me, please click here!

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