Video Clip of the Week – Double Feature!

As a way of saying “thanks” for your patience in waiting for me to post today (like you really had a choice), I’m pleased to offer you a video clip double feature!

Toddler Prayers: For the last couple of weeks (since the boys had the stomach flu) we’ve heard the following tacked onto our mealtime prayers…

Please help bellies feel better, so we can go to Chick Fil A and McDonalds.
In Jesus name, Amen
Sometimes that prayer will then be followed by a song they learned in church or even part of the Signing Time theme song. Good times! Anyway, it cracks Nick and me up on a daily basis, so on Sunday (yup, that’s fresh snow there in the background) I whipped out the camera to catch it on video. They kind of talk over each other, but you get the idea.
Singing Games: My sister, Aunt Laura, is a dance teacher. A couple of months ago she taught the boys a little “game” she plays with some of her youngest students. The boys love the game and apparently while Aunt Laura was watching them this past Sunday she played the game with them again. This video features Jackson (on the left) and Tyler (on the right) showing off. Oh, and I should mention this is also the song that Chase was singing the other night that ticked the other two off.
Sailing, sailing, over the ocean blue
Tip, tip, tip
Fall over and kick your legs
Get back in the boat! Get back in the boat!

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