Video Clip of the Week – 2 for the Price of 1!

I have no restraint when it comes to cookies, chocolate, Diet Coke, taking pictures or showing off funny videos of my boys. Therefore, I have decided to just show you both videos from this week!

First up, the boys’ favorite recent activity – Pig Piles!

Notice I cut the video just as Jackson (in the yellow) was about to take a big bite out of Tyler’s knee. Boys!
Next, the boys playing a Wii game (what else) this weekend! We recently got the game Just Dance (for free, thanks to!) and the boys get a kick out of trying to mimic the moves. To play the game you hold a Wii controller in one hand and then you do your best to mimic the moves on the screen. The closer you are to what the person on screen is doing, the higher your score. It’s actually a riot to play!
So here are the boys dancing away this weekend! They had Laura and I cracking up (as you can hear occassionally)!
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