I mentioned on the Three Times the Giggles Facebook page yesterday that life has been crazy this summer. Nick’s been working a lot of hours at various summer camps (his last one is this week -woohoo!), the boys have been having fun doing various things, we’ve been checking off Summer Bucket List items, my parents visited for a couple of weeks, my photography business has been flourishing, and I managed to somehow catch Strep and added an ear infection on top of it for fun! Whew!

Needless to say, I’ve been a bit behind in my blogging duties, and I hadn’t even gone through most of my pictures from June until yesterday. Whoops. So we’re going to play catch up here! A new post each day this week! First up – VBC (or Vacation Bible Camp).

VBC is the start of crazy camp season around here, and the boys LOVE it! Each afternoon I dropped them off at our church with about 1,400 other kids, and they would sing, play, craft, etc for 3 hours. This year’s theme (written by the awesome staff and volunteers at our church) was Diary of a Faithful Kid (a play on the popular Diary of a Wimpy Kid book and movie). The t-shirts were a horrendously bright color, and the kids (of course) loved them.

On the bright side (Ha! See what I did there?), if I ever want to keep track of my herd in a crowded location, I’ll just have them all wear these shirts. Would make head counting a breeze! And yes, I do a lot of head counting when out in public.

So one of the highlights of the week was on Thursday evening for the Family Fun Night. Bunches of inflatables, face painters, balloon artists and food trucks! Kids had a ball!

Yep, caught the three of them standing in line for a bounce house, and holding hands! Oh, be still my heart! I love watching my boys be best buds 🙂 Know what else I loved though? The fact that 5 minutes after this one, they were all off in different directions and it didn’t phase them in the least to not have “a brother” with them.

Lily had her face painted for the first time, and did great! She got into a model-y mood for me, and who was I to say “no” when she kept saying “Mommy, pictures!”.

And then, we had the highlight of the night…. the thing the boys are still talking about, almost a month later! Everyone went into the sanctuary to sing some of the VBC songs, see the Mission video (voiced by yours truly), and to watch one of the dramas from the week. This particular drama called for some “kindergarten aged kids” to come up on stage, and guess who got to be some of those kids? Oh yes – huge highlight for them!

Picture of the big screen!

 And that’s Nick up there, on a chair, wearing the shades. He had a minimal role too. The boys seriously loved their first taste of the stage and are begging to get to do it again! But next time, they want lines 😉

And VBC always ends with a big shaving cream fight, followed by a hose-down by the local fire department! Oh yeah!

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  • Cheryl Nichols

    Firecracker Popsicles are my favorite!! I take it the brown dress on Lily is a favorite? I love that dress, it looks so good on her. Your boys must have had so much fun!ReplyCancel

  • She does love that one. Cheryl! This is her second summer wearing it too 🙂 She also loves a certain pink dress, that I’m sure will be in future blog posts, because she’s worn it a lot this summer!ReplyCancel

  • What a great experience! Super shirts!:-)ReplyCancel