VBC Fun, Fun, Fun!

Last week the boys got to do something they’d never done before…. Vacation Bible Camp! (Or VBS as it’s known to most other people.) The boys were ecstatic when I told them they’d get to go to VBC this year, and VBC certainly did not disappoint.

The theme was The Amazing Grace Race and was a clever twist on the TV show The Amazing Race. The boys got a kick out of the music, the dramas, the crafts, the snacks (of course) and the lessons. They absorbed way more of the lesson than we thought they would. Nick and I were blown away when Jackson held up a small toy and informed us it was an “Earthly treasure” and told us what that meant.

The other night I told Chase I was going to show him grace and asked him if he remembered what that meant.

Chase: Yes. Grace is a gift.


So anyway, there were two exceptionally fun events tied to VBC.

Family Fun Night

Yep, Ty chose a flower.

Whatcha gonna get, Chase?

A flower for Chase, too!

Jackson went with a baseball, or a “home run!” as he told people.

After the face painting, the boys bolted for the inflatables! They had a blast running from inflatable to inflatable (I think there were 6 set up) for about an hour.

That’s Jackson, in the gray shirt near the top.

The other fun event happened the next day, and is the traditional VBC wrap up – a giant shaving cream war!

Ty in black/blue, Chase in green, and Jackson in orange.

Although, pretty soon you won’t be able to see those colors, so I don’t know why I told you!

And Lily watches the chaos caused by 1,100 kids, from the sidelines… 🙂

Oh yes, having a great time!

Clean up time!

The local fire department sent over a ladder truck and hosed the kids down. That would be Chase you see bolting back towards me. He and Jackson ventured into the “shower” a few times, but for the most part all three of the boys cleaned up in the nearby kiddie pools.

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  • pop pop

    Looks like a blast and those boys are SO smart to remember the lessons. You had better keep them learning Godly things because I think that you may be in for some real trouble with those smart boysReplyCancel

  • Cara

    HI! I just found your blog and I love it! I can’t believe all that you do with 4 children. Your children are beautiful!
    I see that you have the Nikon D7000- so do I. I am curious what your settings were when you took the photos inside your children’s school. They look great!

    • Welcome, Cara, and thank you!

      I always shoot in Manual mode with my camera, and the indoor pictures on this post were taken with the following: 35mm lens, ISO 800, F 2.8 and 1/125 shutter speed.ReplyCancel

      • Cara

        Thank you! I am doing well with shooting manual outside, just started experimenting with it inside- this will help a ton- thank you!ReplyCancel