True Stories

I’ve had this cute little story all saved up to tell you for just over a week now. With all the fun of last week though it kept getting pushed back. Last night another, not so cute, story was added to the list of things to blog about. I’ve decided today to share both at once. First the cute story….

9 days ago we were leaving an evening at church and decided as a treat we’d take the boys to Chick-Fil-A for dinner and a chance to play in the play-area. While we were on our way there Nick was asking the boys questions from their GPS (Grow, Pray, Study guide that everyone in our church gets from age 2 to 102 – supposed to help us relate to that week’s sermon or Sunday School lesson). Apparently the boys had learned about Noah’s Ark that week because the first questions were about animals. Here’s how the discussion (and I use that term loosely) went:

Nick: What is your favorite animal?
Chase: Jesus!
Tyler: Jesus!
Jackson: Jesus!
Tyler (again): Mommy!

Nick and I cracked up! In Nick’s Children’s Ministry Job it almost never fails that in a large group of children someone will always say the answer to the question is “Jesus”. Isn’t He always supposed to be the answer at church?

Story 2… This happened last night about 30 minutes before bed and about 5 minutes before Nick got home from the church. Here’s how I imagine the sequence of events went down (I have to imagine because I wasn’t brought into the picture until towards the end)…

Jackson pooped in his underwear (it’s something we’ve been working on with both him and Tyler).
The poo was small and pebble like so a couple of “pieces” fell out as he walked around the house.
Jackson walked back past the poo pebbles and thought it looked like a treat.
Jackson picked one up and ate it.
Jackson then came to me with a weird look on his face, his mouth open and something brown on his teeth.
I said “what on earth did you eat!” as I frantically used my finger to scrape the brown stuff off his teeth.
I then realized it was poop and was thoroughly grossed out and yet trying not to laugh at the same time.
I scrambled to pick up to two pieces I could see on the floor so as to prevent his brothers from eating “treats” too.
I then gave Jackson something to drink and we brushed his teeth.
Said tooth brush is now in the trash.

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