Triplet Talk

Tyler: Why did you want to have three babies instead of two?

Me: Actually, I thought we would only have one baby, not three!

Tyler: Why?

Me: Most people only have one baby. I didn’t know we’d have three.

Jackson: I wouldn’t have wanted to be by myself. I would miss my brothers.

Me: That’s true! You’re never lonely because you have your brothers.

Jackson: Yep. I would be lonely without the brothers. I’m glad you had three babies.

Poor Lily, she got the shaft being born a singleton! Then again, she’s pretty darn lucky to have so many brothers to adore and watch over her…

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  • 🙂 Smart boy you’ve got there.ReplyCancel

  • Kelly

    I love when little kids talk. I may regret saying this, but I can’t wait for my 3 to start having little conversations like this!ReplyCancel