Trick or Treat!

I finally remembered to have Nick write his portion of this post last night. You all won’t be disappointed; it had me cracking up! I can handle the first part of the post though, so let’s get to it…

Saturday afternoon we dressed the boys in their costumes so that I could try to take a group picture. Can I tell you all something? Trying to take a picture of three 2 year olds is BRUTAL and nearly impossible! Hats off to you professional photographers (and professional PhotoShoppers) for your abilities.

We even tried sitting them on top of the Jeep. No luck, not to mention you couldn’t see the costumes very well.

I finally gave up at home and decided we should just head to church a few minutes early and I’d try a picture on one of the ledges near one of the entries. That worked a little bit better… I do wish the boys had been standing closer together so that I could get more of a close up. Oh well.

Yeah, so needless to say I am not looking forward to trying to get a Christmas card worthy picture later this month.
So after church we headed to our friends Jeremy and Stephanie’s house. They were nice enough to have pizza waiting for us when we got there, but the boys were more excited to see their cat Bubba, the blinking pumpkin light and other trick or treaters coming to the door. Finally Nick and I decided it was time to head out, so the boys Trick or Treated right there in the living room.

Chase went right for the candy and snagged a Kit Kat bar while Jackson and Tyler went for the mini bags of Teddy Grahams. We told the boys they could eat them when we got home. They all nodded and said “home”. About half way home though I heard crunching and turned on the light to see this…

Busted Chase! He was quite proud of himself for figuring out how to open the wrapper. Jackson and Tyler of course then  had to open their treats too. As soon as we pulled into the driveway Nick unloaded the boys and I dashed into the house to turn on our porch light and get our bowl of candy. Nick then took the boys up the street and here is how that went down…
Get post appearance by the one and only Nick!

Stop #1: Jackson is first in line and knocks on the door. Our neighbor opens the door and Jackson runs into the house like he owns the place. After a few minutes we are able to convince Jackson that his job was to take a piece of candy and say good bye.
Stop #2: A fog machine, scary music, and a head floating on cobwebs cause Tyler’s eyes to get as big as large grade eggs. Luckily no tears where shed and we have chatted about this experience several times over the past couple of days.
Stop #3: A Jack-O-Lantern  with colored lights and a small dog barking like crazy provide some good entertainment. We also chat about this experience the rest of the evening. We love the colored lights
Stop #4: We visit an elderly lady across the street. After grabbing 4-5 tootsie rolls the boys say thank-you and then try to shut the door on the elderly lady as she slowly tries to get out the way. Thankfully no one was injured during this visit.
Stop #5: Black and orange balloons tied to the porch rail are of more interest to the boys than the candy they get.
It was a most enjoyable Halloween evening! 

(If you squint just right you can see Nick and the boys crossing the street)

Chase and Jackson eating some of the loot.

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