Trick or Treat!

Seeing as I’m so awesome at blogging things 6 months after they happen, I thought I’d change things up and post our Halloween pictures only a couple of days after they wore them! I know – how crazy of me!

Every year the boys waffle for a solid month on what they want to be for Halloween. As October chugs along, I have to ask them with increasing frequency what they want to dress up as, and it never fails – they aren’t solid on their decision until a week before the big night. Considering we almost always craft their costumes from things we already have around the house, with just a couple of store bought additions, it’s not a huge deal.

I give you, the Halloween costumes of 2014!

Jackson, the Snake


Jackson’s was a hard one to figure out! We turned some pants inside out, and found they were green, and then found a couple of green shirts too. I found a TMNT hat at Target, and folded the orange part under, and then we added a party blower for his tongue! Jackson was hilarious at the first few houses – he’d knock on the door, and then immediately drop to his belly, and stick his snake tongue out.

Ty, the Spider


When Ty said he wanted to be a spider, I instantly had an idea how to do that – pool noodles!! We cut a couple in half, and spray painted them black before using black tape to attach it to the back of his sweatshirt. He requested the face painted eyes and fangs, and then we draped some spider web to him! He did have to turn sideways to get through doors, which was rather amusing.

Chase, the Stick Figure


Chase’s costume clearly looked most awesome once it got dark out! We cracked up when he came up with the Stick Figure idea, but it was pretty easy to put together thanks to the glow sticks and black tape.

Lily, the Super Daniel Tiger



If you asked Lily what she was going to be, she went back and forth between a simple “A Super Hero!” and “A Super Daniel Tiger!”. Basically though, she went crazy with the dress-up bin 😉


Nick went as a Christmas tree, which was an enormous hit with the others out and about on Halloween! When he and the kids came back, he hung the tree up in our big picture window. When he opened the door at the next knock, the group of kids sang Deck the Halls, instead of saying “Trick or Treat”! We laughed so hard at that!

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