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Originally posted 6.1.07

It’s been an eventful two weeks for us! I had another appointment yesterday and all is going well. Fluid around the boys looks even, their hearts are beating away and they are growing like crazy. I didn’t get any ultrasound pictures to take home, so you’ll have to wait another two weeks to see how much bigger they are.

I think our biggest event in the last two weeks has been buying a house. Obviously nothing is a done deal until closing, but for now things are on track and we should be able to close in the next week and a half! It’s very exciting to move into our own place, although Nick is dreading mowing a lawn again… So, assuming all goes well we should be able to move in before my risk of bed rest rises!

Memorial Day weekend Nick and I traveled home. Friday was a very long day as we left for the airport at 4am and didn’t get to my parents home in Maine until about 3pm, but it was well worth the trip. On Saturday I had my first baby shower and that was a lot of fun. After the shower Nick and I headed to Vermont to see his family for a couple of days. Our 4 year old niece was very curious about these triplets…. she asked me several times to point to the spot on my belly that each baby was, then she wanted to know how they’d get the babies out and would she be allowed to hold them. Very cute!

I’m also feeling these boys move around a lot. I can’t even describe what it feels like – it’s just so odd! I’ve noticed that when one starts moving it usually triggers one of the others… I don’t think I’ve felt all three going at once yet. The babies still can’t be felt from the outside, but hopefully any day now!

My next appointment is June 14th (my dad’s birthday!) so I’ll do another update then!

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