TP Trouble

The monkeys are getting taller. I guess they get it from their dad. Over the last few months Nick and I have had to push stuff on the counter farther and farther back. If one of us is cooking on the stove and the boys are up, we use only the back burners. The reach of the monkeys is far too long now!

Last week, after flying through 3 boxes of tissues in a week we moved on to a roll of toilet paper. I thought I had it pushed back far enough, but apparently not…

For those who have been asking, Jackson is doing great now! He started to perk up late last weekend and is acting completely like himself. Suddenly though in the last 24 hours Tyler’s nose has started to run again. Who knows where this germ came from because we haven’t been out and Nick and I lysoled all their toys just 3 days ago. Hopefully it’s a fluke!

Re: the poll about the new background – 63 of you voted and 69% of you can see the monkeys just fine. I’m going to stick with them for now until I can find something just as cute that all of you can see!

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