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Happy New Year! Can you believe it’s 2012 already? I sure can’t! Yesterday I told the boys it would never be 2011 again and as I made that statement the finality of it hit me. So many awesome things happened in 2011 (the birth of Lily, the birth of my business, my sister’s wedding, etc) and while the awesomeness of those things will carry into the new year, so much of it was a one time thing.

2012 got off to a fantastic start this morning, when my children all piled into bed with me (at 9am!) and just acted cute and snuggly for the next 30 minutes. Bliss! I look forward to what 2012 is going to bring us, starting with Lily’s first birthday later this month. I just looked back at my posts from 2011 and found the top 10 posts, as determined by the number of comments left on each post.

I got rather  teary eyed when looking back at some of these – especially the posts that contained pictures and stories from Lily’s birth and the week or two following it! How is it my monster sized baby girl was that tiny less (barely) than a year ago?!

#1 (32 comments) – I Heart Faces – Hearts from 2/7/11 

#2 (28 comments) – This Is A Test from 4.14.11 

#3 (27 comments) – Baby Girl Is Here from 1.20.11

#4 (26 comments) – A Few Pictures from 1.21.11 

#5 (21 comments) – The Arrival of…. from 1.22.11 

#6 (18 comments) – Boot Camp – Done! From 5.27.11

#7 (17 comments) – I Heart Faces – Best Photo From May from 5.31.11 

#7 (17 comments) – I Heart Faces – On Your Feet from 12.4.11 

#9 (16 comments) – I Heart Faces – Innocent Wonder from 1.25.11

#10 (15 comments) – Guest Blog Post – A Young Mom’s Battle With Breast Cancer from 10.25.11 If you haven’t shared this one with your friends – please do! It is such an important message!


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