Toddler Product Review – Nourish

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by the friendly folks representing the Nourish company about doing a product review here on Three Times the Giggles. When I heard one of their products was a BPA free, disposable, fun sippy cup/bottle for toddlers I said “send ’em my way!”

If you squint really hard you can read that last line on the green card… cracks me up! “No more floating surprises for Mom when sharing drinks with your toddler” Mmmm…. floaties.
Sunday evening I decided it was time to hand these out. The boys were restless and we were getting ready to head out anyway. They were pretty excited about their new “cups”!
Seeing as I knew the boys wouldn’t give me an accurate review of these, I decided I should probably try to drink from one. I have to say, it was hard getting anything out! The boys were struggling early on too, but within a few minutes the water must have been flowing faster because it was disappearing from the bottles pretty quickly.
Speaking of water disappearing… while Chase was chewing on the top of his (because they chew on everything right now thanks to those darn molars), he somehow squeezed the very top of the spout enough to cause a gap in the ring and the spout and water was pouring out (see his wet shirt?). I fixed it and that was the only time we had an issue, so I think it was a fluke.
We headed off to the church for Family Advent Night (hooray for pancakes!) and I took the Nourish bottles with us. I figured that was safer than orange drink (which made a lovely mess last year).

While there we heard several “what cool bottles” as well as several “I thought they were sucking on a hand sanitizer bottle!”. That last one cracked us up quite a bit.

So here’s the deal with these Nourish bottles.

  • They’re BPA free
  • Made in the USA
  • Bottled with spring water
  • Come in this sippy cup style as well as a bottle style (perfect for adding formula to)
  • The bottles and tops are completely recyclable
  • We’ve been washing ours out by hand and reusing them all week and they still look great.
  • These bottles are popping up in airports across the country, which I think is incredibly smart! If I was traveling with the boys I would seriously consider snagging these.

Bottom line? Even though my boys drink primarily from “big boy cups” and occassionally a straw cup, these sippy bottles of water are fantastic for traveling in the car (or plane!). There are zero spills, the kids are happy and therefore this mom is happy. For more about Nourish, go HERE!

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